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  1. A player’s handicap is based on a game of four 61/2 minute periods. The aggregate handicaps of the players of each team shall constitute the team handicap .
  2. In all matches played under handicap conditions the higher handicapped team shall concede to the lower handicapped team the difference in the handicaps multiplied by two. Mistakes in handicaps, or in computing goal allowances, must be challenged before a match begins, and no objection can be entertained afterwards.
  3. The aggregate handicap of a team must fall within the limits specified for an event. No team whose handicap is higher or lower than the specified limits shall be permitted to participate, except if the handicap of a player is adjusted mid-season. (Note 18).
  4. Players not handicapped by the Arena Handicap Committee must play off their outdoor handicaps plus 1 goal.
  5. . Players not on the current arena handicap list, but who have been handicapped in the past and who wish to play again, must restart on the higher of their old handicaps or outdoor handicaps (plus 1).
  6. Players recommended to go to 6 goals or above should be seen playing in recognised tournaments before their handicap can be raised.
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