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  1. A player shall not strike an adversary’s or team mate’s mount with hands, whip or stick

  2. A player shall not strike the ball or interfere in the game when dismounted

  3. A player shall not seize with the hand, strike or push with the head, hand, arm or elbow, an opponent, but a player may push with the shoulder, provided the elbow is kept close to the side.

  4. A player may not hold the ball in the hand, arm or lap: nor kick or hit at the ball with any part of the person in such a way as to direct its course. The ball, however, may be blocked with any part of the person or mount.

  5. Noplayer shallappealin any manner totheUmpire or Umpires for fouls, nor may they discuss or dispute a decision with the Umpire or Umpires during the game, except that the captain has the sole right to ask for clarification on decision.

  6. A player may not dismount while the ball is in play. If a player has cause to dismount, a request may be made for time out at any time play is stopped under Rule 16.

  7. If a line - The Morton Line - is painted on the boards half-way between the goal posts and the corners, no player who has walked the ball along the back wall may hit it again between the Morton Line and the first goal post
Arena Polo Rules

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