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  1. The Umpire shall stop the game immediately and take time out when a mount falls, or a player or mount is injured or in danger of being injured.

  2. Any player may request that the Umpire take time out in the event of equipment breakage which endangers the player or his mount. What constitutes a dangerous situation is left to the Umpire. A player who requests that the Umpire stop play for a reason which the Umpire later determines to be unjustified may occasion a foul to be called.
  3. Time out for equipment repair may be called for after a goal is scored or at any time the ball is out of play.

  4. In the event of a player falling, the Umpire shall stop play.

  5. . There shall be not time out for a lost or broken stick. However, time may be taken following a goal or when play is otherwise stopped to retrieve a lost stick.

  6. . In the event of a lost helmet, play should be stopped as soon as possible but at such time that neither team is favoured.

  7. In the event of a runaway or uncontrollable mount the Umpire shall stop play and order the mount removed. Due to the confined nature of most arenas, the Umpire will generally take a lenient view of a player changing a mount proving troublesome. Players should not, however, be permitted to delay the game by changing mounts at will.
  8. In the event of an injury to a player, the player shall have not more than fifteen minutes time out after which the player shall be considered disabled and the provisions of Rule 3.d. shall apply. Any injured player who has been unconscious shall be considered disabled and ineligible to continue (Rule 3.i.).

  9. No person shall enter the arena to assist any player unless play has been stopped by the Umpire.

  10. A player wishing to exchange mounts may do so only when play is stopped and with the permission of the Umpire. Any interference with the subsequent play of the game may occasion a penalty.

  11. Only one change of ponies per team per chukka will be permitted, at which time either one member or all members of a team may change. Teams may change at different times. When the first team changes ponies, the opposing team is not obliged to change at the same time but, when the second team changes ponies, no member of the first team may change.

    Teams may only change when play has been stopped by the umpireís whistle. Once one member of a team has used the teamís option to change ponies within a chukka, no other member of the same team may change except for reasons of welfare. A pony changed for welfare reasons may not play again during that match or in any subsequent match on that day without the permission of an IPA or Club Official.

    The dismounted referee will allow teams one minute to change. A late team will be penalised either with a hit or with an increased penalty if changing after a penalty. Note: For high goal each team may request one change of ponies per team per chukka; any member of either team may take the opportunity to change at this time.

    However, after both teams have exercised their right to change, no player may then change unless his pony is lame or bleeding. If a player chooses to take his pony out of the arena due to any other reason such as fatigue the player wil not be allowed to enter the arena again untl the start of the next chukka


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