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  1. A regulation game should be for four periods of 6 / minutes each, with 1 2 intervals of 4 minutes after each period, except the second period. There will be a 6 minute interval after the second period. However, periods may be shortened if it is considered to be in the interests of the welfare of the ponies, in which case it should be made clear in the tournament entry conditions.
  2. Each period of play shall terminate after the expiration of the prescribed time (it is designated by the ringing of the bell or other signal). A bell or other signal will be sounded 30 seconds before the expiration of the prescribed time as a warning signal.
  3. In the case of a tie, after the interval of 10 minutes, the game shall be continued in periods of the usual duration, with the usual intervals until one side obtains a goal, which will determine the match. (see Rule 8.a.)
  4. When the Umpire blows the whistle and stops play during a period, for any cause provided in these rules, the clock shall be stopped, and the elapsed time shall not be deducted from the length of the period.
  5. When a goal is scored, the Umpire shall signal by raising his arm, and time shall not be taken out.
  6. The judgement as to whether a ball went out of play, or was put in play before or after the horn, is the Umpire’s.
  7. All penalties shall be exacted in the period in which they are awarded. If less than 5 seconds remain in the period, the clock shall be reset to 5 seconds prior to the free hit.
Arena Polo Rules

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