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  1. The Line of the Ball (hereafter referred to as ‘Line’) is the Line of its course or that line produced forward or backward at any moment.

  2. When the ball is put into play by a free hit a Line is created when the ball is hit and assumes a direction. If the ball is hit at and missed, a Line is established at the time of the stroke forward and backward to the centre of the goal.

  3. When the ball is put into play by a throw in, a Line is created at the instant the ball leaves the Umpire’s hand.

  4. Should the ball become stationary while still in play the Line remains the last Line travelled before the ball became stationary except as provided in Rule 11.b.

  5. At any time the ball changes direction, from whatever cause, a new Line is immediately established and a new Right of Way (Rule 12), as determined by the new Line, may be created .
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