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  1. Tournament Committe
    1. Each IPA event will be conducted by a Committee appointed by the Association or by the Host Club which shall be responsible for all aspects of the event including scheduling, conducting the draw, appointment of officials, and resolution of all questions which arise at times other than when the Umpire is in charge. The Committee will generally consist of three or more qualified individuals who have little or no personal interest in the outcome of the event. If no formal Committee is announced prior to the event, the host club’s Chairman and individuals appointed by the Chairman, shall comprise the Committee.
    2. It is recognised, that some limitations may, from time to time exist, which make it impossible or impractical for the Committee to fully comply with the Rules of Arena Polo. In such cases, the Committee, shall spell out such exceptions, prior to the event. The Committee shall make every effort to comply with the intent of these Rules, if an exception must be made.

  2. Umpires
    1. Every tournament should either have two Umpires, one of whom will be in the stand, or one mounted Umpire at the discretion of the Committee.
    2. The authority of the Umpire(s) shall extend from the time each game is scheduled to start until its end.
    3. The Umpire(s) shall be responsible for enforcing the Rules and maintaining proper control over players and teams during the game.
    4. Subject to Rule 18, all decisions of the Umpire, or agreed decisions of two Umpires, shall be final.
    5. In the event of there being two Umpires and they disagree, no foul will be awarded.
    6. Should any incident or question not provided for in these Rules arise during the game, such incident or question shall be decided by the Umpire.
    7. Umpires must wear a protective polo helmet with a chin strap.

  3. Timekeeper
    1. The Timekeeper shall be appointed by the Committee, whose responsibility it shall be to keep track of time elapsed during and between periods of the game.
    2. The Timekeeper shall signal the expiration of time to the officials. A horn or bell is usually used. These rules will refer to the traditional horn. The officials should make clear to all involved what means will be used to signal the expiration of time. The Timekeeper is responsible for running the official clock. In all cases, time expires at the time intended by the Timekeeper and the Umpire’s whistle confirms the end of the period.
    3. The authority of the Timekeeper shall be subordinate to that of the Umpire.

  4. Scorekeeper
    1. The Scorekeeper shall be appointed by the Committee whose responsibility it shall be to keep track of goals scored, including goals by handicap or penalty.
    2. The Scorekeeper shall fill out any forms or score sheets required by the Committee following the game or event. In the cases where the Scorekeeper is not situated at the scoreboard, he/she will inform the Umpires of any errors shown on the scoreboard.
    3. The authorityof the Scorekeeper shall be subordinate to that of the Umpire

  5. Goal Judges
  6. Goal Judges may be appointed, who shall give testimony to the Umpire at the latter’s request, as to goals scored or other points of the game near the goal, but the Umpire shall make the final decision.

  7. Team Captains
  8. Once an Umpire has called a foul and said what it is for, no player may speak to the Umpire. If a player argues with an Umpire a penalty must be given against him, or, if already a penalty, it must be made more severe.

Arena Polo Rules

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