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  1. There shall normally be three players in each team, designated as No.1, No. 2, and No 3. Each team may designate one or more alternative players. It is possible to play two-a-side
    1. Players shall not appear in any event in other than proper uniform including a suitable helmet or cap with chin strap in place.
    2. A player shall not use sharp spurs nor any gear with protruding buckles or studs
    3. If in the opinion of the Tournament Committee the colours of two competing teams are so alike as to lead to confusion the team lower in the draw or second named in a league competition shall be instructed to play in some other colours.

  2. A player may be substituted for another during an event if the latter player is, for any reason, unable to finish the event. Any such substitution must be made prior to the commencement of a period except as provided in Rule relating to an injured player

  3. In all cases of substitution, the substitute must be qualified to play in the event and the team must remain qualified for the event after the substitution has been made. The handicap of the player having the higher handicap shall be counted in any game in which a substitution occurs.

  4. In case a player is disabled so as to be unable to continue, the team shall have the option of providing a qualified alternative. If an alternative is needed and not available, a player may be removed from the opposing team by the Umpire, thereby equalising the number of players on each team, and the game continued.

    The question of qualified alternatives and whether or not a player should be removed must rest with the Umpire. In such a case, it is suggested that the Umpire confer with the Committee to arrive at a solution which is in the best interests of the players and the event.
    If the disablement is as a result of a foul, the Captain of the team fouled shall have the right to nominate the player from the opposing team whose handicap is nearest above that of the disabled player who shall retire from the game.

  5. A team shall present itself to play at the time scheduled by the Committee.

  6. No player shall play for more than one team in any event.

  7. No person shall play in any tournament or advertised match conducted by an Affiliated Club unless:-
    1. He is a Member of the IPA
    2. He has lodged a signed declaration, either with his Club or the IPA., to be bound by the Rules, Regulations, Orders and Directives of the IPA
    3. He is listed in the Associationís current handicap list, or has been allotted a handicap by the Associationís Handicap Committee during the current season.

  8. No player may play under the influence of stimulative drugs.

  9. No individual shall participate as a player or official in any match if physically impaired (e.g. sick, hurt) before or during a match and such impairment endangers the safety of the individual or others. In the event of a player being, or seeming to be, concussed, the following action will be taken.
    The Umpires, or if no Umpires are present, the senior player on the ground will stop the game and arrange for the player to see a doctor as soon as possible.
    The player will not be permitted to play again for a minimum of one week without a certificate of fitness from the official medical officer of his club. If no doctor is present when the accident occurred it will be the sole responsibility of the Umpires or the senior player present to decide if the player was actually concussed.
    This rule is to be strictly enforced by the Umpires and the Tournament Committee.

  10. A player registered with the IPA. is eligible to play in matches, games or tournament events as set out below. The minimum and maximum handicaps of any player in tournaments is shown as follows
2 to 7 goals
6 to 10 goals
8 to 12 goals
12 to 15 goals


Arena Polo Rules

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