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  1. The Umpire shall toss up a coin before the game, in the presence of the Captains of the opposing teams, first designating which Captain shall call. The winner of the toss shall have the choice of which goal to defend. Ends shall be changed after each period of play. In the event of an extra period, the ends shall be changed in the same manner as after each other period. (see Rule 5.c.).

  2. The Umpire shall start play in any period by throwing the ball underhand, along the ground, between the teams which shall be lined up in parallel lines at the centre of the arena, each team on the side of the centre line nearer the goal it is defending, and at least 3 yards from the Umpire. Teams must line up at least one yard apart until such time the ball has left the umpires hand. Any team in infringement of this rule will have a penalty immediately awarded against them.

  3. The timer shall start the clock at the moment the ball leaves the Umpire’s hand.

As a guide for the teams, the umpire will require a distance between the two teams, that he would be able to ride his pony through. As in the normal course of play the penalty will be moved up, for instance to a No 4, if the throw in is between the half way line and 25 yard line .

Arena Polo Rules

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