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  1. A player may hook or strike the stick of an opponent with the stick provided that
    1. (i)The opponent is in the act of striking at the ball, including both the upward and downward phases of the stroke;
      (b). The opponent is attempting to hook the hitter, in which case the hitter may strike the opponentís stick.

    2. The player is on the same side of the opponent as the ball or in a direct line behind
    3. The contact is made below the level of the mountís back

  2. A player may not reach over, under, in front of or behind anotherís mount.

  3. A player may not strike anotherís mount with the stick. The decision as to whether a player struck an opponentís mount (Rule 15.c), or whether the opponent rode into the player ís stroke (Rule 13.b.) rests with the Umpire. As a guide, if the striker began the down stroke while clear (see 15.h) of the opponentís mount but struck the opponentís mount as a result of the distance between mounts being lessened during the course of the stroke the foul would be called on the opponent who rode into what would have been a safe stroke had the original position been maintained.

    On the other hand, if the opponentís position relative to the striker is established before the stroke begins, the striker is guilty of hitting the opponentís mount. In the event of a total inability of the Umpire to determine which player fouled, the Umpire may choose to (a) ignore the incident by not calling a foul, or (b) call a double foul as specified in Rule 10.c.

  4. In any throw in, players shall hold the stick with the head below the level of the mountís back .

  5. All players shall carry the stick in the right hand.

  6. A player shall not intentionally strike the playerís own mount with the stick. This includes using any portion of the stick as an aid in managing the mount.

  7. No player may use the stick carelessly or dangerously, for example:
    1. Taking a full swing in close quarters
    2. Hooking, striking or slashing an opponentís stick with unnecessary force
    3. Carrying the stick in such a way that it might become entangled in a player or mountís equipment. In some cases, an exaggerated backswing may strike an opponentís properly held stick. In such a case, the opponent should not be penalised for a foul hook. On the other hand, a stick carried carelessly may inadvertently contact a proper backswing creating a foulhook
    4. Using the stick to hit or hit at the ball in the air, when in close quarters.

  8. A player striking at a ball assumes the full responsibility for using the stick safely. Swinging at it in close quarters will not be permitted.

  9. A player is at all times responsible for the consequences of the stroke including backswing, stroke, and follow through:

  10. No player may swing the stick in ďwindmillĒ fashion as in appealing for a foul.


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