Coaching Camps

Polo Coaching Camp from 15 Aug to 15 Sep 2019

A Polo Coaching Camp was conducted at 61 Cavalry under the aegis of QMG’s Branch by Mr Pablo Sebastian Jauretche (Argentina) and Col Ravi Rathore, VSM Honey Sec IPA, wef 15 Aug 2019 to 15 Sep 2019.

Mr Pablo Sebastian Jauretche (Argentina), experienced professional polo player and coach. He is a former 8 goals player that has played 30 seasons over 30 different countries, including Palermo Argentine Open and some other major tournaments. Accumulating all that vast experience has culminated in him becoming a qualified coach. Validated by “Coaching Course” at University of Buenos Aires. Passionate about the World of horses, he has transferred all his knowledge into being a Polo Coach. Last year 8 Indian players received his coaching with remarkable improvements in their general understanding of the game, horse skills, specific polo fitness and especially on the biomechanics of hitting.

The aim of the coaching camp was to teach the basic fundamentals of Polo across the board. The syllabus of the training imparted during the polo coaching camp was as under -

(a) Equestrian Training
(i) Independent Seat
(ii) Turning with Balance
(iii) Gymnastics
(iv) Forward Seat
(v) Ride Off

(b) Basic Schooling of Polo Ponies
(i) Rein back
(ii) Halt
(iii) Fig of 8
(iv) Change of Leg

(c) Animal Management
(i) Grooming of Horses
(ii) Common ailments pertaining to a Polo pony
(iii) Conditioning of horses
(iv) First Aid

(d) Polo Training
(i) Personal gear of a polo player and tack of polo pony
(ii) Physical fitness of polo players
(iii) Rules of Polo
(iv) Positioning of players and role of each position
(v) Wooden horse (Practicing all Shots)
(vi) Stick and Ball
(vii) Cycle Polo
(viii) Polo Chukkers
(ix) Screening of Videos on High Goal Polo

Name of players participated in the Polo Coaching Camp 2019 are as under -

61 Cavalry ( 04 x offr, 01 x JCO & 09 x OR)
(a)Lt Col Vishal Chauhan
(b)Maj Aman Singh
(c)Maj Nikhil Arora
(d)Capt MS Chauhan
(e)Nb Ris Pushpendra Singh
(f)Dfr Sanjay Gunjawate
(g)Dfr Ilyash Ali
(h)Dfr Pradeep Kumar
(i)Dfr Bhalekar Vickram
(j)LD Vinod Singh
(k)LD Dilip Singh
(l)LD Nadim Ali
(m)LD Ashan Khan
(n)Swr Bonge Ganesh
ASC Polo Team ( 04 x offr & 01 x OR)
(o)Col G S Pander, SM
(p)Maj Yatender
(q)Capt Karamat Ali
(r)Lt Tejendra Singh
(s)Sep Dharmendra
Arty Polo Team ( 04 x offr & 03 x OR)
(t)Col Joginder Singh Shekhawat
(u)Lt Col A Samantry
(v)Maj Narendra
(w)Maj R K Goutam
(x)NK Raj Kumar
(y)NK Kuldeep
(z)Gnr Irfan Khan
PBG Polo Team ( 03 x OR)
(aa)LD Sukhjeet Singh
(ab)Swr Sandeep
(ac)Swr Avinash Poonia
RVC Polo Team ( 07 X OR)
(ad)Dfr Vijay Singh
(ae)Dfr Ramvir
(af)ALD Ram Singh
(ag)Swr Santosh D
(ah)Swr Santu
(ai)Swr Nitin Kumar
(aj)Swr Yallappa Godi
TA/Armd Corps Polo Team ( 03 X offr)
(ak)Col Bhanu Pratap Singh
(al)Lt Col Aditya Singh Chauhan
(am)Capt Raghav Raj Singh
Civilians -12
(an)Mr Shamsher Ali
(ao)Mr Bashir Ali
(ap)Mr Hamza Ali
(aq)Mr Naveen Singh
(ar)Mr Dhanjay Singh
(as)Mr Jayvir Singh K Gohil
(at)Mr Ashwani Sharma
(au)Mr Hurr Ali
(av)Mr Subham Gupta
(aw)Mr Akarsh Tibrewal
(ax)Mr Sumer Singh Deval
(ay)Mr Allan Michal