Name of the NSF/Organization

Indian Polo Association  C/o ‘B’ Squadron, 61 Cavalry, Cariappa Marg, Delhi Cantt-110010.


Date of last election held alongwith the details of the electoral college of the said election

24 Feb 2017, 09 Sep 2018 and 26 Sep 2019.

List of Office Bearers attached.                 (Appendix ‘A’)                 


Details of recognition of International/ Asian body.(Copy  of letter to be posted)


NSF Recognized with International body  Federation of

International Polo and Indian Olympic Association.

Copy of recognition is attached.               (Appendix ‘B’)


Name & Contact details  of office bearers






Gen Bipin Rawat, PVSM, UYSM, AVSM, YSM, SM, VSM, ADC, COAS    

Col Ravi Rathore,VSM



As per para 1 above

As per para 1 above


 Tele No




              Mail ID


   Tenure till

     (specify date)

With Effect from 24 Feb 2017 till 2020.

With Effect from 25 May 2017 as per para 17 (a) of  the memorandum and Rules & Regulation of IPA 2015.



Details of ACTC for the year 2018-19



Annual Audit Accounts for last 3 Financial years along balance sheet (As audited by C.A. in CAG’s Panel) Note: Annual report for preceding year to be uploaded by          01st October of the current year.

Annual account audit report uploaded for last 3 financial years alongwith balance sheet.

Published on our website.                          (Appendix ‘C’)


Name and contact details of the firm which audited accounts.

M/S M S Sekhon & Co, 170, Madhuvan, Delhi-110092. Tele No 011-42445194



Copy of Valid registration certificate of the Federation

Published on our website.                          (Appendix ‘D’)           



(i) Constitution of the organization/NSFs.

Memorandum and Rules & Regulations 2015 Edition available on IPA Website.                         (Appendix ‘E’)



ii) Copy of Memorandum/Articles of the association

Memorandum and Rules & Regulations 2015 Edition available on IPA Website.                         (Appendix ‘E’)


Affiliation criteria of State/UT/Clubs units alongwith details of voting rights of each unit


As per IPA Memorandum & Rules & Regulations as mentioned. ( Copy attached)                      (Appendix ‘F’)


Name of the affiliated units with their registration numbers

Already available on our website              (Appendix ‘G’)



Name and Contact details of President and Secretary of affiliated units.

 Already available on our website             (Appendix ‘G’)


Details of National Championships conducted during the current calendar yr.

Copy of Calendar of Events conducted during current year attached.                                             (Appendix ‘H’)

IPA National Championship


Indian MastersTrophy    


Jr National Championship



Calendar for National & Zonal championship to be held during current/ Next calendar year along with venue

List of event conducted  with  Calendar attached                                                                      (Appendix ‘J’)





Details in respect of international events abroad & held in India:-



(i) List of core probable’s and basis of their selection.













(ii)    Details of coaching camps organized including venue, dates and list of participants.

List of International event conducted in India:-



(a)   13th Manipur Polo International 2019. Manipur Horse Riding and Polo Association organized the 13th Manipur Polo International 2019 from 22 to 29 November 2019 as a part of the Manipur Sangai Tourism Festival in Manipur. Three international teams (England, USA and France) and two Indian team (IPA and Manipur) participated.  


(b)     Women’s Polo international Polo Tournament.   An international women’s polo tournament was organized by All Manipur Polo Association from 17 to 21 Jan 2019 at Imphal. Four international teams participated.


(a)    Coaching Camp for Young, Novice and Army polo players. A polo coaching camp was conducted at 61 Cavalry ground, Jaipur for young, novice and Army polo players under the aegis of Mr Uday Kalaan, Indian National Coach and Mr Pablo Jauretche, foreign professional polo coach from Argentina. The duration of the camp was 15 Aug to 15 Sep 2019. The coaching camp was attended by a lot of young players were benefitted.   (Copy attached.)                                        (Appendix ‘K’)



(iii) Notification of selection criteria for such events at least 06 months in advance alongwith the details of time and venue for selection











(iv) List of the athletes selected


(v) Details of athletes support personnel and other officials same to the event alongwith the amount paid to them towards Air fare, boarding and lodging local transportation. Daily allowance etc. This is required to be placed on the website within 15days of conclusion of the event.


(vi) Performance criteria which formed the basis of selection actual performance in terms of timing distance etc and the position obtained by each athlete/team.


National Selection Committee every year to select the Indian National Team for participation in the national/international tournaments. The selection criteria are as under :-


(a)   Handicap limit of the tournament.

(b)   Availability of players.

(c)   Performance of individual players in domestic polo season and the coaching camp.

(d)   Combination of players.









List of I cards issued to National Athletes with Name of athlete. I Card No & validity date.


No individual membership. All the players should be the member of affiliated clubs. Players List published in our website.                                                      (Appendix ‘L’)



The details of certificates issued by the NSFs to the participants such as the name of the athlete date of event, position obtained by the athlete .etc.

Certificates are issued by the respective tournament organizers only. Certificate of National Championship issued by the IPA.


Action taken by the NSF for prevention of age fraud.


No age fraud has occurred so far. Players of 21 years and below are eligible to participate in the Junior National Polo Championship.


Notifying/updating the present selection Committee for national athletes


List of Selection Committee is available on the website.                    (Appendix ‘M’)



Note on efforts for having dope free sports and compliance to WADA/NADA Code along with details of cases found positive during the last calendar year and action taken thereon.

The IPA is compiling the WADA/NADA Code for doping test. No positive case noticed so far. 


Details (Amount & Source) of funds received from other sources including private sponsors’ public sector undertakings. State Governments etc.

(a)  Club Affiliation Fee

(b)  Playing Members Subscription

(b)  Horse Registration Fee

(c)  Sponsorship for  National Championship



Revenue generated by the NSF on its own




Date on which the website was last updated


   01 Dec 2019