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Date : 2019-11-30


                                                                                                           Rajasthan Polo Club

                                                                                                           Bhawani Singh Marg

                                                                                                           Ambedkar Circle

                                                                                                           Jaipur - 302005


 RPC/20                                                                                  26 Nov 2019



Vice Presidents and All Stewards, IPA

All Polo Clubs affiliated to the IPA

All Polo Patrons






 Dear Sir/Madam,



1.            I have the pleasure to inform you that the Rajasthan Polo Club is organising the Jaipur Polo Season 2020   under the aegis of Indian Polo Association from 30th Dec 2019 to 02nd Feb 2020.


2.           The Prospectus of Jaipur Polo Season 2020 is enclosed. May I request all participants/team captains/patrons to go through it and make special notes on new rules/amendments incorporated therein.   Maximum participation is requested.



                                                                                                                                                      Thanking you,


                                                                                                             Yours faithfully,




                                                                                                         Th Digvijay Singh

                                                                                                          Hon Secretary



 Copy to :-

1.     Hon secretary, IPA  - For information please.











S. No





Princess Diya Kumari Cup

8 Goals

30th Dec 2019 to 05th Jan 2020


SMS Gold Vase

8 Goals

06th  Jan 2020 to 12th Jan 2020


Rajmata Gayatri Devi Memorial Cup

10 Goals

13th Jan 2020 to 19th Jan 2020              


HH Maharaja Sawai Bhawani Singh Cup 

12 Goals

20th  Jan 2020 to 26th Jan 2020


Sirmour Cup

14 Goals

27th Jan 2020 to 02nd Feb 2020



S. No

Name of Exhibition



HH Rajmata Padmini Devi of Jaipur International Shield

04th Jan 2020


Mathura Das Mathur Memorial Cup

11th Jan 2020


Maharaj Prithi Singh Baria Cup

18th Jan 2020


Exhibition Polo Match

25th Jan 2020


Raghu Sinha Mala Mathur Memorial Cup

01st Feb 2020



3.           Rules.                   All tournaments will be played under IPA rules and guidelines. All Polo players are requested to please go through the latest rules issued by the IPA.


4.            Membership of IPA.      The above tournaments are open to teams whose players are playing members of the IPA through a Club or Associations affiliated to the IPA. It is the duty of team managers and captains to ensure that all members of the team fulfill the above conditions failing which a team is liable to be disqualified at any stage. Foreign players need to carry proof of their handicap/umpiring grade from their respective Associations. If a foreign player is handicapped by IPA, does not participate in a domestic season for one year and has played abroad in that duration, he will have to play off his handicap in the Country he had last played. Applicable rules of the IPA and the Polo Tournament Committee, RPC will apply on all foreigners.

5.            Foreign Players.               Team Captains of all teams who are arranging for foreign players for their teams during the Jaipur Polo Season 2020 are required to forward the copy of MI Clearance at the time of draws. Request for changes of venue due to non receipt of MI Clearance will not be considered once the draw has been held.

6.            Registration of Polo Ponies with IPA.       As per the IPA guidelines, all Polo Ponies participating in any polo tournament are required to be registered with the IPA.  All team managers and captains will ensure that the polo ponies participating in the Jaipur Polo Season 2020  are registered with the IPA before the tournament start and the passport issued by the IPA should be kept with the teams during the season. Any polo pony found without registration, the player/team shall liable to be disqualified at any stage of the tournament.

(7)          Foreign players participation.     Only one player is eligible to be a part of the team

(8)         Entry Fee.


(a)           Entry fee per team will be as follows :-


               S. No     Tournament                     Entry fee            


(a)           8 Goals                               Rs  10000.00     + Umpire fee


(b)          10Goals                             Rs  12000.00     + Umpire fee


(c)           12Goals                             Rs  15000.00     + Umpire fee


(d)          14Goals                             Rs  20000.00     + Umpire fee




(9)          Acceptance of Entries.                  Entry to be accepted by the RPC, the name of at least three members of the team will have to be given and total handicap of those three members must make the team eligible. All team captains must nominate two graded umpires (preferably ‘A’ grade) from their teams at the time of giving entries. No team/individual entries will be accepted till the previous outstanding dues if any of Rajasthan Polo Club is cleared.

(10).       Draws.                 The draws will be conducted by the tournament committee at least 24 hours before the commencement of the tournament. Captains who wish to be present for the draw may attend.. On arrival, all team captains are requested to contact the Secretary, RPC to receive the draw and other instructions for tournaments. In case two teams are entered under the same name and any request for placing in two different halves, will be considered, however change of players from one team to another will not be permitted. Once the draws are completed no requests/ representation from teams/players entered for the said tournament will be entertained.



11.         Subsidiary (Low Goal) Polo Tournaments.                  Players/teams entering their names in subsidiary (low goal) tournaments shall be liable to play two games on a given date incase required. No representation with regards to lack of horses/players etc shall be entertained by the RPC.


12.         Withdrawal of the Team from Tournament.               No team is permitted to withdraw/give walkover once the draw for any tournament being played on a league basis has been done. Teams withdrawing can be fined upto Rs 50,000/-, which will have to be paid prior to the teams next match, whether in the same tournament or the subsequent one. Decision of the Tournament Committee would be final in this regard. Teams trying to arrange between them win/losses or goal difference deliberately and surreptitiously will be penalized by the Polo Tournament Committee either by a fine or denial of play in the same/next tournament. Teams must ensure they have adequate horse power to play through the entire tournament, before putting up an entry.


13.         Venue of Play.                  The matches will be played at the RPC and 61 Cavalry.   The RPC reserves the right to alter dates/timings of matches on administrative reasons, ground conditions, balance of play, weather, sponsors interest, security and safety aspects etc which will dictate the final date and timings of all matches.

(14 ) Umpires.


(i)          Nomination of Umpires.           The team captains of each team will nominate players from his team to be detailed for umpiring at the time of the draw itself. Thereafter, the team captain will be informed by the Tournament Coordinators as and when the nominated player from his team is required to umpire a game. If possible no grade “B” Umpire will be nominated for a high goal tournament.


(ii)         Turn Up of Umpires.   During all matches umpires should be ready and should ride out to the centre of the ground two minutes before the game is due to start. Non-reporting of umpire or umpire reporting late for any game will be penalized by a fine of Rs 10,000/- (Rupees ten thousand only). The umpire will be banned to take part in the subsequent match/tournament until the Team pays up the amount of Rs 10,000/- to the RPC office at least one day before the team’s next match.


(iii)        Dress Code.      Umpires detailed for all games will be strictly adhered to the Dress Code. They must wear knee length brown boots and white breeches (IPA Rule G 11.2). To ensure safety measures, all umpires will be required to wear helmets (not soft caps) while umpiring. Umpires will also present in riding boots and proper attire during prize distribution ceremony. Defaulters will be penalised.


(iv)          Provision of Mounts For the Umpires. Responsibility to provide mounts to the umpires will be of the two teams playing in any given match. All playing teams will, therefore, bring additional horses for the umpires duly properly equipped and will have gaters/bandages on all four legs in accordance with IPA Field Rules F-4 (iii).

15           Referee.              Coordinators of Tournament will detail suitable Referee for all matches who have adequate knowledge of the game. As the task of the Referee in the game is very important, he should, on occasions when he feels that the umpiring is not up to the mark, call and brief the umpires any time, during or after the match. He is also at liberty to brief the umpires before the start of the match so as to ensure smooth conduct of the match.

16.         Dress Code.      All players will be required to strictly adhere to the dress code on the field and (where applicable) at the time of prize distribution as per IPA guidlines. The Polo Tournament Committee reserves the right to take any suitable action against defaulters. No polo player is allowed to change into track suits/pants etc and come for prize distribution. Team captains/patrons are requested to please ensure the above.


17.         Prize Distribution Ceremony. To avoid undue delay and embarrassment to the Chief Guest and sponsor, all players are requested to dismount on the ground itself after the finals of every tournament and come straight for the prize distribution. Defaulters will be penalised. The grooms can be directed to come on the ground to hold the horses.

18.         Polo Etiquette and Decorum.      Misbehaving with other players and umpires on the polo field will be strictly dealt with. All players are advised to display true spirit of sportsmanship and ensure gentlemanly conduct on the ground. Strict action will be taken against the defaulters including complete ban from all polo activity for upto one year. The Polo Tournament Committee shall be the final authority for imposing a disciplinary action/fine on any player/team found not following proper polo etiquette and decorum. No players/members or anyone associated with any team can approach any of the match officials for atleast 45 minutes after the match is over. The officials shall be not liable to give any kind of explanation of the events either.

19.         Holding and Return of Cups/Trophies. Trophies/Cups won by the teams will be returned to the RPC.


20.         Objections.       All objections or any point which arise that are not covered by the above Rules may be referred to the Polo Tournament Committee along with a fee of Rs 5,000/-. The decision of the Tournament Committee will be final.    


21.  Camp.        Camping facilities for out station horses are made available at the premises of RPC for the duration of the Jan Polo Season – 2020 on the first come first serve basis. Permission to stable horses during the above period is subject to certain conditions and payment of security deposit.. Contingents/individual who had not cleared their earlier dues will not be allowed to camp their horses at RPC premises.


22.         Self Containment. All teams coming to participate in the Jaipur Polo Season 20 must be self-contained, ie, they should bring their own tentage, equipment for camping, cooks and transport, etc.

23.         Arboriculture.    No Det/Camp will spoil or cut the environment. Immediate expulsion and action as per existing law will be enforced. No warning will be issued.

24.         Coggin’s and Glanders Test.        All rules and instructions issued from the IPA and Remount Veterinary Directorate, IHQ on the subject will be strictly adhered to by all concerned. All horses must produce a valid negative EIA and Glander status (CFT) certificate on arrival as per directions given at Para 5(a) of Appendix ‘B’ to this Prospectus. A coggins and glanders negative certificate with a minimum of 30 days validity on arrival and exit of horses is mandatory.

25.         Medical Cover.                The RPC will as usual provide medical cover for players at the ground. The RPC shall not accept any liability for medical treatment given to a player on the ground or the consequences thereof. It will be the responsibility of the individual to give a written undertaking absolving the RPC of any responsibility in this regard. The RPC will only provide first aid emergency treatment as well as evacuation to the hospital where necessary, though every possible available medical cover will be presented.

26.         Compliance of NADA Rules.  As per IPA’s order, NADA rules as per Govt norms be mandatory for all players participating in the domestic polo season to avoid any embarrassment to the Associaiton and the Nation at International platform.

27.         Responsibility.                 The RPC accepts no responsibility for any loss, damage or injury to any animal or any other property or the player/rider themselves. Neither the RPC nor the Doctor will be held responsible for any first aid or other medical treatment provided.

28.         Final Decision.   The decision of the Tournament Committee will be final on all matters connected with a tournament.


                                                                                                                                       Sd/x x x x x x

                                                                                                                                       (Th Digvijay Singh)