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Date : 2020-01-30


SPO/149/2020                                                                                                                                                                   20 February 2020


New Veterinary protocol for bringing horses into the Mahalaxmi Race Course. 


1) Any horse being brought into the Mahalaxmi Race Course must be accompanied by the following documents:-

a) Passport or proper identification certificate.

b) Glanders and EIA (Coggins) blood test report (Glanders validity is 30 days and EIA is 120 days).

c) Calvanza 03 vaccination (If a horse is being vaccinated for the first time then it will require 3 doses with a gap of 21 days between each dose. Horses already vaccinated require an annual booster dose.)

d) Invoice/ bill showing the purchase of the Calvanza 03 vaccine administered to the concerned horse. (New requirement)

e) Health certificate of an authorised Vet stating that the horse is free from any infectious/ contagious disease. (Authorised Vets are State Vet Officers, Army Vet Officers and Panel Vets).

f) Declaration letter from the horse owner stating where the horse was stabled during the 60 days prior to it’s proposed entry into the Mahalaxmi Race Course.


2) The above documents must reach the Amateur Riders’ Club office at least 72 hours prior to the arrival of the horse to enable the Club to secure the permission from RWITC.


The above protocol will be operative till 31st March 2020.





Amateur Riders' Club